Helium the Mink is a grey and blue anthropomorphic mink who is Xenon's foster mother. However, Helium is unaware of his shapeshifting abilities. Despite this, she repeatedly tries to adopt Xenon as her son.




Helium is kind and lighthearted most of the time to almost everyone. But if crossed, she can deal out punishment effectively. Helium uses anger sparingly, usually when someone behaves very badly.


Other than maternal instinct, Helium has a special power she uses only in the most demanding of situations. She has aerokinesis she has used in the past to escape dangers such as falling, dangerous animals, and so on. She also uses her power to help relate to her foster son, who is afraid of people finding out a special secret.



Helium thinks she is quite fashionable, even though the styles she had adopted have gone "out" long ago. She wears a long-sleeved dark purple shirt with a dark green vest on top. The vest has a light purple flower on it. She also wears a short, dark grey skirt and white socks with brown sandals.


Helium has light grey fur with light blue highlights on her fir tips and tail. She has a short furred white muzzle and short, rounded ears (the insides are white as well). Helium also has two small fur fur spikes on each side of her head and three on the top (one facing up, and two facing down), all with blue tips.



  • Despite bring a mink, Helium hates swimming.
  • Helium was adopted from Trailblaze842, the current owner's brother.
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